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Serasox Model 2 Ankle Socks that Separate the Toes

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If you’re tired of your feet hurting or cramping, try wearing socks that separate your toes, allowing them to rest in their natural positions. These socks, made from bamboo, are designed to feel weightless while protecting your feet from the outside elements. Avoid painful blisters by wearing our ankle toe socks before slipping your feet into your shoes.

These socks can be worn for everyday wear or for extraneous sporting activity, enabling you to perform your best by keeping your toes properly aligned and separated. The arch support and extra padding are sure to make every step comfortable, whether you’re playing sports, spending time outdoors, or running errands. The durable bamboo material keeps these socks snug on your feet, and its breathability puts a damper on sweat! The super-absorbent fabric works to keep your feet moisture-free to prevent odor and fungal infections.

The biggest innovation in socks ever

Less odor

Five finger design + the superior absorbancy of bamboo keeps your feet dry and helps prevents odor and sweat from building up.

Good for the planet

We use environmentally friendly (and more comfortable) bamboo material plus a portion of your purchase goes directly towards planting trees around the world!

More comfort

One of a kind plush bamboo design with arch support and added padding that conforms to your feet. Leaving your feet feeling snugly comfortable yet free.

Sox to Save the World

Made from bamboo, these sweat-absorbing socks are an eco-friendly alternative to other popular clothing materials. Bamboo needs very little water to grow and produces more oxygen than trees. It also grows faster than any other plant.
Plus, with each purchase we’ll plant a tree! You’ll have a hand (or foot) in helping restore earth’s beauty one sock at a time! These socks with toes on them are soft yet resiliently strong, so you won’t want to stop at just one pair.

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Benefits of bamboo

Our unique combination of five finger socks plus bamboo material for our no show and ankle height socks means more moisture is absorbed versus even the finest organic cotton. The result is a dry and comfortable design that keeps your feet snugged while feeling barefoot!

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Barefoot Benefits Meet Plush Comfort

Cozy, Nautral, Unrestritive & Plush

  • Less Odor

  • Eliminate Friction And Blisters

  • Superior Bamboo Material

  • Proper Alignment And Functionality

Fit for Anyone

Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin, as our crew cut sweat-absorbing socks are perfect for any skin type. Bamboo fabric is soft and smooth, so it’s unlikely to cause irritation. It also has its own temperature control, keeping your feet warm in chilly weather and cool during those hotter days.
If you have questions, please message our team. Otherwise, if you’re ready for arch support and overall comfort, get your sox today!

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Frequently asked questions

It's easier to grip things with gloves on your hands than mittens right? THEN WHY WOULD YOU WEAR MITTENS ON YOUR FEET?? Your toes need to grip the earth, just like your hands grip objects, to maximize functionality and improve how your foot works. This, in turn, better supports your entire body’s alignment. We also have woven in arch support + extra padding in all of our models. This means your feet will feel free but snugly comfortable. Lastly, we use only bamboo material so each toe is snuggly wrapped in the best moisture wicking (and most environment friendly!) material money can buy. So blisters, toe on toe frictions, and nasty bacterial smells coming from the crevices between your toes are gone.

Ok that’s a great question, I’ll give you that. Thanks to our patent pending design, no one else can make provide bamboo five finger sox with arch support and added padding. Simply put, no other sox on the planet can come close to our level of comfort. In addition to giving you the best sox money can buy, we plant a tree for each purchase! Not only are you saving your feet, you are helping to save our planet.

Our wonderful sox come in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. For women, we recommend S/M for shoe sizes up to US 11.5 and L/XL for shoe sizes above US 11.5.

For men, we recommend S/M for shoe sizes up to US 10.5 and L/XL for shoe sizes above US 10.5.

Machine wash your Serasox using the gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean your Serasox. As they are made from real bamboo, hang drying is ideal for longevity of the socks but if you cannot do that then machine dry on the delicate setting. Also, keeping your toenails nice and trimmed is not only good for your health, but it can prevent wear and tear and allows your Serasox to slip on and off seamlessly.

We charge a flat rate of $5 no matter your order size for shipping inside the United States! And if for some reason you don't LOVE your Serasox, we offer free returns and exchanges within 30 days whether or not they have been worn! Just email info@serasox.com with your order number and we'll take care of the rest!

Yes, ESPECIALLY with shoes! Serasox pair wonderfully with athletic shoes, dress shoes, boat shoes, flats, hiking boots, or any shoe you can think of. The suprior absorbtion of bamboo combined with the five finger design means your toes can each actively engage independetly, AND you can say goodbye to odor in your shoes.

Currently we only ship in the U.S., but be sure to check back if you are outside of the U.S. as we will plan on expanding our shipping soon!

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Michelle Ouverson

Very comfortable. Helps relieve bunion pain

Erin Thompson
Comfy socks but I already have a hole in them!

I've worn these about 3-5 times maybe since I got them and one sock already has a hole in it. Wanted to test them out before buying more since they seemed like a more sustainable option for toe socks on the market but they're not sustainable if they don't last! They feel comfy and thick but I won't be buying more.

Jayson Shannon
Fit good, not sure how they are going to hold up.

Socks fit and feel great. After the second time I wore them they are starting to get a hole in them(multiple pair doing the same thing). Might not be the right sock for wearing with work boots.

Eze Collins

I like this thing

Victoria Forbes
No more blisters

I’m training for a marathon and before these toe socks I was experiencing blisters on the inside of my big toe. These toe socks are amazing, no more blisters! My blisters from my old socks have healed, and I’m able to go on very long training runs with these toe socks and zero blisters. A total game changer and I highly recommend. The only negative thing about them is that they do take a long time to dry. But that is not really a big deal and the no blisters are worth it. I just re ordered another 3 pairs.