Love your feet.

Simply, the most comfortable socks on earth.

Serasox are made from real bamboo fibers combined with a revolutionary five-toe design that is plush yet minimalist five-toe design. Toe socks that take comfort and functionality to another level while lessening odor and blisters like no other!

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Love your feet.

Simply, the most comfortable socks on earth.

Serasox are made from real bamboo fibers combined with a revolutionary five-toe design that is plush yet minimalist five-toe design. Toe socks that take comfort and functionality to another level while lessening odor and blisters like no other!

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Less Odor

Superior Bamboo Material

Eliminate Friction and Blisters

Proper Alignment and Functionality

Our Mission

For some reason, people are still wearing smelly mittens on their feet. We are changing that.

We are revolutionizing how people treat their feet. Our one-of-a-kind five-toe design with arch support + added padding means these are the most comfortable socks on earth. We use high-quality, environmentally friendly bamboo material + five-toe separation so your feet smell less while functionality is simultaneously improved by actively engaging each toe separately. So when you’re looking for barefoot socks that feel more plush and comfortable than regular socks, we’re the right choice. Plus, our tree planting initiative reduces your carbon footprint!

Minimize odor

The five-finger design + the superior absorbency of our toe socks keeps your feet dry and helps prevent odor and sweat from building up. We don't just focus on design but make sure your feet also experience the best material possible. This bamboo cloth + five-toe design combination prevents skin-on-skin friction or sweat build-up between your toes, saving you from a world of bad odor while increasing comfort.

Good for the planet

We use eco-friendly – and more comfortable – bamboo material for our toe socks, Unlike most bamboo products, we start with bamboo chips from real bamboo wood and not bamboo viscose. It allows our toe socks to have superior air permeability, instant water absorption, and natural antibacterial properties. The best part about our barefoot socks isn’t that they’re sustainable, it’s that it’s super comfortable! To top it off, a portion of your purchase goes directly towards planting trees around the world!

Unmatched comfort

Our one-of-a-kind plush bamboo design with arch support and added padding conforms to your feet. This ensures your feet feel snugly comfortable yet free. Enjoy the free feeling of walking barefoot while not actually being barefoot!

These Aren't Your Grandfather's Foot Mittens

Why are people still choosing to punish their feet with old-school foot mittens? Get more comfort, less odor, and improved functionality! You take countless steps every day, it's time to do so in an ergonomically superior way with our foot glove socks, not foot mitten socks!

Toe socks that improve your circulation, enhance your grip, and help with better foot alignment? It’s time to level up your regular socks and never look back!

Barefoot Benefits Meet Plush Comfort

Cozy, Natural, Unrestritive & Plush
High-impact for your feet, low-impact for the Earth

Help save your feet and help us save our most precious resource, our earth, by purchasing a pair of bamboo socks today! Not only is bamboo a sustainable material choice, but we contribute to saving the Earth with every purchase too. For every purchase of socks, we plant a tree through our partners at OneTreePlanted! 

Help combat deforestation and rising global emissions with just a purchase. Make a difference in a way that matters and save your feet with Serasox.

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"There is nothing like it on the market."


"Serasox Keeps Feet Healthy, Does the Planet Good"


"This brand changes the game with its comfortable and uniquely designed socks made with superior and environment-friendly material."


Before you purchase your first pair of bamboo toe socks, you might want to know exactly how they can change your life. And we don’t blame you! There are many advantages when it comes to bamboo socks, including:

  • Unparalleled softness: Bamboo fibers are naturally soft and smooth, which can ensure that they feel luxurious against your feet. 
  • Moisture-wicking properties: Bamboo fibers can absorb and evaporate sweat quickly, making sure your feet stay dry and comfortable always. 
  • Enhanced breathability: The bamboo material allows for air to circulate around your feet, ensuring optimal breathability. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Bamboo is less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to synthetic materials. It’s the ideal material choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 
  • Antibacterial: Bamboo has a natural antimicrobial agent known as bamboo kun. This helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping your feet odorless and healthy!

There aren’t a lot of ‘cons’ when it comes to buying Serasox barefoot toe socks. While bamboo socks traditionally tend to be on the pricier side compared to regular socks, it also is a testament to their durability, ensuring that you have to switch them out less often than regular socks. 

When you’re purchasing a pair of high-quality bamboo socks, it’s natural to want to know what they’re going to feel like. Simply put, calling them barefoot socks would be ideal. Bamboo fibers are naturally softer and more luxurious than many other alternatives. They feel incredibly soft and smooth against the skin, which ensures that your feet stay comfortable all day long. 

Not all socks are made the same, and that factors in when durability is concerned. The quality of the material, how it’s designed, and how it’s taken care of can determine how long your barefoot socks end up lasting. But worry not, because Serasox only uses durable and high-quality bamboo material in all of our socks. Our toe-separation design and durable material ensure that your feet stay comfy for longer.

Bamboo fibers are antimicrobial, which makes them the ideal choice for socks. Since these fibers can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, they keep bamboo toe socks fresher compared to other alternatives. While no sock can completely eliminate odor, especially when worn for long periods, bamboo socks do tend to fare better than cotton or synthetic socks. Our socks are on a mission: to save your feet from bad odor while helping the earth!