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Let’s Save Our Earth. Together. 

Let’s Save Our Earth. Together. 

Less odor

Five-finger design + the superior absorbency of our eco-friendly socks keep your feet dry and help prevent odor and sweat from building up. The natural moisture-wicking properties of bamboo enable better breathability, so you can enjoy all-day wear without worrying about sweaty feet. 

Good for the planet

Our real bamboo fabric makes our socks eco-friendly and superiorly comfortable. Additionally, Serasox helps to mitigate our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every purchase through our partners at OneTreePlanted!

More comfort

One-of-a-kind plush bamboo design with arch support and added padding that conforms to your feet, leaving them feeling free yet snugly comfortable. You will find that functionality is automatically improved when your toes are engaged independently. Our unique design is great for athletes, and great for loungewear too! Wear it all day while running errands or taking a hike, and be comfortable no matter what. 

For every purchase, we plant a tree!

That's right! For every purchase of our sustainable socks, we plant one tree through our partners who have planted over 40 million trees worldwide! We work with the organization OneTreePlanted to help combat deforestation and increase the green cover globally. Help offset your carbon footprint and help us save our most precious resource, our earth, by purchasing a pair of our eco-friendly socks today!

Benefits of Bamboo

Our combination of five-finger socks plus bamboo material not only means you are getting the best sox on the market, but it also means you can feel great about buying something that is much better for the environment than cotton! Our sustainable socks are not only good for the environment, but good for you too. Check out some of the wonderful properties of bamboo:

  • Requires 1/3 The Amount of Water to Grow Vs Cotton

  • Self-replenishing

  • Requires No Irrigation

  • Up to 10x More Yield Per Acre Than Cotton

Our Customers Love Us!

"Best Toe Socks I Have Found" - J.E.