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Toe socks look weird. Why should I buy them?

It's easier to grip things with gloves on your hands than mittens right? THEN WHY WOULD YOU WEAR MITTENS ON YOUR FEET?? Your toes need to grip the earth, just like your hands grip objects, to maximize functionality and improve how your foot works. This, in turn, better supports your entire body’s alignment. We also have woven in arch support + extra padding in all of our models. This means your feet will feel free but snugly comfortable. Lastly, we use only bamboo material so each toe is snuggly wrapped in the best moisture wicking (and most environment friendly!) material money can buy. So blisters, toe on toe frictions, and nasty bacterial smells coming from the crevices between your toes are gone.

I’ve seen some similar toe socks out there. What’s so great about serasox?

What size should I buy?

How should I wash my toesocks?

What's your shipping and refund policy?

Are serasox really more comfortable than regular socks? Even with shoes?

Do you ship internationally?