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Superiority of Serasox

The Benefits of Our Toe Socks

Superiority of Serasox

The Benefits of Our Toe Socks

We Start with Real Bamboo Wood for Your Comfort

At Serasox, we aim to maximize comfort and functionality without compromising on either. One of the benefits of our toe socks is that we source bamboo chips from real, natural bamboo wood, not the processed bamboo by-product viscose that is prevalent in most bamboo products. 

The process used to make Serasox starts with real bamboo wood chips that are steamed, crushed and decomposed. The resulting bamboo fibers are combined with a natural enzyme solution that creates the carding fibers, which are then spun into yarn and woven as bamboo fabric!

But why does that matter to you? Serasox are made from superior bamboo material so your feet can experience better air permeability that allows for all-day use. The unique moisture and odor wicking properties of bamboo, combined with our five-toe design, guarantee that your feet are never going to be sweaty. And the natural anti-bacterial properties keep it all hygienic! Serasox are made from 85% real bamboo (not bamboo viscose) and 15% Lycra to allow for some stretching, so your feet (and more importantly, toes) never feel constricted.

Banish the Sweat, Odor, Friction & Blisters

Since the toes are kept separate, there is no skin-on-skin friction, or sweat and odor accumulation for that matter, between the toes. Ever felt your feet losing grip and getting sweaty on a hot summer day? With Serasox, that’s not going to happen. One of the biggest benefits of our bamboo socks is that they remain dry and comfortable throughout the day, and keep your feet cool. This design with its vastly superior wicking, anti-bacterial, and odor-reducing properties of bamboo make these the greatest socks ever made!

Engage Your Toes Without Sacrificing on Functionality

Using your fingers is easier with gloves than with mittens, right? The same idea applies to your feet!

A benefit of our toe socks is that they keep the toes completely separated. It allows each one to actively engage separately. Serasox allows for the simulation of barefoot walking, while maintaining superior comfort!

What sizes are available?

Serasox comes in two sizes – S/M and L/XL. One of the benefits of our toe socks is that the 15% Lycra allows for a good stretch, ensuring that our sizes fit most (if not all) people out there. The S/M fits up to 9.5 US size for men, and up to 10.5 US size for women. The L/XL fits 10+ US size for men, and 11+ US size for women. You can also connect with us on social media to learn more about our sizing.

Based on 270 reviews
Super absorbent

Love it! It’s made marathon training in the hot humid Houston summer more bearable! Serasox delays the soggy squish of wet socks and shoes until the last few miles of a 15 mile run. That’s super impressive in my book! Love it and will buy a few more pairs :)

Probably the best socks I’ve ever worn!

I appreciate the quality and craftsmanship. I would definitely recommend these socks!

Exceptional Sox

I bought these socks/sox because I have arthritis in my feet. I wanted something that would splay my toes in the hopes of alleviating the pain. These Sox did not disappoint. They were comfortable, breathable, and my toes were able to splay normally which made walking so much easier. I would definitely recommend.

Excellent toe socks

Very comfortable and absorbent. Keep your feet cool. Will buy more.

Love these socks!

Never thought I’d write a review about socks, but these socks are soooo comfortable. I’ve had “toe socks” in the past that were hard to put on. I don’t have the same trouble with these. I plan to add a few more to my collection.

So far so good

Soft. We’ll see how durable they'll be. Wonderful instructions on how to keep them going a long time. Wish other brands had given me the same thing.

Really nice socks!

I purchased toe socks from an unknown company many years ago. I wore them sporadically over the years but now they're my go to socks. I wanted a few more pairs for summer so I searched online and found Serasox. I have to say that I really like them. The fabric is lightweight enough not to be too warm but their thick enough so that I know they'll last a long time.


These are low and mostly stay on heel. Love having toe socks for summer. Was wearing canvas sneakers barefoot and shoes got stinky. With regular socks I felt like benefit of barefoot shoes was a bit lost, with these everything works as intended.

Toe Socks

I absolutely LOVE my Serasox! They are very high quality and are the only socks I wear anymore.

Great socks

I wasn’t sure about toe socks but these socks are very comfortable! I’m sold on these now

Great socks

So far these toe socks have been awesome! Ive been wearing them for about 3 weeks now almost everyday. I am a carpenter on my feet all day wearing boots and these hold up very well, and I honestly forget im even wearing socks!


Comfortable socks and feel good separation is wonderful

I love them but...

I love them but they start to get holes and fall apart too quickly for the price. I haven’t really found anything I like better yet to replace, but it’s frustrating to spend so much on socks just to have them develop holes in less than 3 months. Might be a quality checking issue or could just be poor manufacturing, but overall I wish they would improve the actual knit quality and make them thicker/sturdier so I could be more confident in their longevity.

Sweet socks!

Lovely and light no-sees. Easy to put on and take off.

Toe socks

Comfortable socks and works nicely with my “Corrective Toes” which are correcting my bunions!

Great Socks

Great socks! I'm enjoying the feel and comfort of these socks. I love that my toes are free to move on their own with each toe slot on the sock. I'm looking to buy MORE later on!


I love(d) Serasox bamboo socks becsuse they were (are?) the only ones I could wear and not feel. I had 3 short pairs, 1 no-show pair, and 1 tall pair (the tall pair did slide down and come off the toes some, but was good). Bought 5-7 new pairs of socks, another no-show, the ankles, and another tall. The tall is the same, but the ankle and no-show feel thicker and go up WAY higher despite being the same size. I dislike the change but they're still good socks. Hoping a few washings will shrink them (not as of yet). They still seem to be my preferred toe socks.

Serasox Model 2 Ankle Socks
Lynn Bryant Garza
Great socks, but come with holes

So far, these are the most comfortable toe socks I have purchased. They maintain the toe comfort after washing. However, the socks come with weak points that are small holes in the ankle seam. The holes haven't gotten any larger but are there nevertheless.

Keep toes in place

Socks are the best. Soft, hand wash or on gentle, no drying. These socks help with toe pain. Love them

Serasox Model 3 Crew Cut Sweat Absorbing Socks

Love the Toe Socks

This brand of toe socks is great. The fabric is soft and of good quality.

The best

I have a couple of different brands of these toe socks and this was the second time I ordered from Serasocks. Very happy with them. I highly recommend them

Very comfortable to wear

Love these socks

Buying more soon. So happy my toes fit without extra fabric