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Superiority of Serasox

The Benefits of Our Toe Socks

Superiority of Serasox

The Benefits of Our Toe Socks

We Start with Real Bamboo Wood for Your Comfort

At Serasox, we aim to maximize comfort and functionality without compromising on either. One of the benefits of our toe socks is that we source bamboo chips from real, natural bamboo wood, not the processed bamboo by-product viscose that is prevalent in most bamboo products. 

The process used to make Serasox starts with real bamboo wood chips that are steamed, crushed and decomposed. The resulting bamboo fibers are combined with a natural enzyme solution that creates the carding fibers, which are then spun into yarn and woven as bamboo fabric!

But why does that matter to you? Serasox are made from superior bamboo material so your feet can experience better air permeability that allows for all-day use. The unique moisture and odor wicking properties of bamboo, combined with our five-toe design, guarantee that your feet are never going to be sweaty. And the natural anti-bacterial properties keep it all hygienic! Serasox are made from 85% real bamboo (not bamboo viscose) and 15% Lycra to allow for some stretching, so your feet (and more importantly, toes) never feel constricted.

Banish the Sweat, Odor, Friction & Blisters

Since the toes are kept separate, there is no skin-on-skin friction, or sweat and odor accumulation for that matter, between the toes. Ever felt your feet losing grip and getting sweaty on a hot summer day? With Serasox, that’s not going to happen. One of the biggest benefits of our bamboo socks is that they remain dry and comfortable throughout the day, and keep your feet cool. This design with its vastly superior wicking, anti-bacterial, and odor-reducing properties of bamboo make these the greatest socks ever made!

Engage Your Toes Without Sacrificing on Functionality

Using your fingers is easier with gloves than with mittens, right? The same idea applies to your feet!

A benefit of our toe socks is that they keep the toes completely separated. It allows each one to actively engage separately. Serasox allows for the simulation of barefoot walking, while maintaining superior comfort!

What sizes are available?

Serasox comes in two sizes – S/M and L/XL. One of the benefits of our toe socks is that the 15% Lycra allows for a good stretch, ensuring that our sizes fit most (if not all) people out there. The S/M fits up to 10.5 US size for men, and up to 11.5 US size for women. The L/XL fits 11+ US size for men, and 12+ US size for women. You can also connect with us on social media to learn more about our sizing.

Based on 198 reviews

Did not fit as well as expected

Not Sure

The toe fit was perfect. The NO How: The material looks like it has signs of wear on my first wearing of them. I am curious to see how they are going to do. The above ankle: cuts off circulation because it is so tight. The left sock has a snag on the top. I can’t wear these so that was a waste of $11.

After 2-3 washings, I will let you know if they are holding up.
I had these on my Giftful list for Christmas but I took them off as that is too much money to pay for socks that I may end up not liking.

Hole after two wears

These socks are comfortable and indeed stay fresh. I took them on a trip recently and on the second day had a hole in the big toe. Very disappointing.

Exactly What I Hoped For!

I absolutely love Serasox!! I was a little nervous at first about whether these would be comfortable and fit well, but I've liked them more than any other sock I've ever worn!

They work as described. No odor even after coast to coast air travel + several hour drive.
My only suggestion would be to have a true XL choice vs just a LG/XL. I wear an 11 1/2 shoe and it works, but is tight.

These are the kind. They are the most comfortable, best fitting and soft and Serasox has the best customer service.

Excellent Product

I liked these so much I just placed an order for more. I am new to toe sox and I LOVE them. My feet feel so comfortable and they seem to be helping the neuropathy in my feet. They don’t pull on my toes at all like regular socks do.

Serasox Model 2 Ankle Socks
Happy Feet!

I am so glad I ordered my Serasox. I wasn't sure I'd like them so I only ordered one pair. Well, I love them and will be ordering them in every color. Fit great, feel great, wash great. I'm a happy customer.

Simply perfect

I have been wearing toe socks for many years. My original brand doesn’t make the socks I need anymore so I found serasox and I am absolutely satisfied with the quality and the variety of socks. You got yourself a new customer


Cozy well done
Perfect pair os socks
Buying more now

Great Sox!

Love them. Super comfortable!

Way too thin

This is more like a dress sock.

Hi Emily!

Thank you for your purchase and we are sorry to hear you did not absolutely love your Serasox! Our Model 1 No Show Serasox are designed to be our thinnest model of Serasox so as to be concealed as much as possible, while still being made from super absorbent real bamboo material!

The Serasox Team

My Favorite Sock

I no longer have stinky work boots!

Very comfortable socks

I’ve worn and washed them not and i like them. I love toe socks, and would buy knee sock length, too. They seem absorbent though it’s hard to tell under home conditions, and an are very comfortable on. A little soft and padded, makes them even more comfy.

good quality


They’re a winner

I am new to this style of sock so I am trying out a few different brands. These were the first ones I had tried, and I am quite impressed with the fit, and feel. I like them enough that I went, and ordered some more.

These socks are fantastic

These are warming and drying. They are very soft and have helped with foot pain due to socks squishing my toes together. These socks don’t do that. These are the best socks I have ever worn%21

Love it!!

I absolutely love the socks. I had initially ordered 2 to try them out. I loved them so much that order few more pairs. I have sweaty feet. The material and the thickness of the socks keeps my feet cleans and love the toe separator it really helps with blisters as well as bunions.

Toe pockets.

The company is efficient and response. Quality: very good, comfortable/ value: good. My one bad criticism is that I found the toe pockets to be too shallow, short…and my toes are less than average length. Perhaps my particular pair was a production error. All things considered, would purchase another pair. However, will probably try a competitor’s product first for comparison.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.

Love these socks❣️

These socks are great for my bunion, plantar fascia and foot pain. I have found that when my toes are separated I have less discomfort in my feet. I will order more.

Completely happy with these socks - no skin irritation or itching, toes fit wonderfully (i have short wide toes)
Need to see how they wear to give any higher star rating - only worn 6 days. Washed well. Thanks

Which ones?

I liked one pair the other not so much
Not sure which was which

Serasox Model 2 Ankle Socks
Presha Sczepaniak

I love these socks

Super great socks !!

These are the best toe socks that I have ever bought !!
Best material & fit !!


Super comfortable! Just what I was looking for. Going to replace all my socks with serasox.