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Superiority of serasox

Maximize comfort. Love your feet and they'll love you back.

Our patent pending design combines the natural fit of a five-toe design with plush yet sustainable bamboo material. We also added arch support and extra padding to ensure maximum comfort. Love your feet, and they’ll love you!

Say Buh-Bye to Sweat, Odor, Friction & Blisters

Since the toes are kept separate, there is no skin-on-skin friction, or sweat and odor accumulation for that matter, between the toes. This allows your toes to remain dry and comfortable, because each toe receives the attention and care it needs. This design, combined with the superior wicking properties of bamboo, means comfort maximization + odor minimization!

Proper engagement and functionality

Using your fingers is easier with gloves than with mittens, right? The same idea applies to your feet!

Keeping the toes separate allows each one to actively engage separately. Serasox allow for the simulation of barefoot walking, while maintaining superior comfort!

Our Customers Love Us!

"I’m getting more! Love them." - Rebecca B

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brian Tech
Toe socks

Fit like glove comfortable

Wendy Ball
5 happy toes

These are wonderful sox, making my toes happy in my minimalist barefoot shoes, also perfect for wearing with my flip flops!  I’ll be buying more for sure.

Samantha Aron
Great socks!

These socks are so comfortable and lightweight. I have trouble with corns on a couple toes and toe socks solve the problem of my toes running against each other. Highly recommend!


Didn't disappoint super comfy best Sox ever will be buying more

Patty Cash

serasox model 1