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Serasox, like so many other unique businesses, was born out of necessity. After a lifetime of struggling with foot related issues, including flat feet, bunions, athletes’ foot and plantar fasciitis, our founder decided to look for alternatives to the traditional toe-scrunching sock. Following a doctor’s recommendation to try toe socks, we quickly found that there was nothing on the market that could truly solve foot issues, and Serasox was born!

Toe socks have unique benefits that are leaps and bounds more beneficial than traditional socks. Our toes, just like our fingers, are designed to be independently engaged. This allows for better absorption of force with every step and helps to ensure proper balance and alignment. We use our fingers every day, but we would not attempt to use our fingers with mittens on! Yet, every day, people put on traditional socks that scrunch their toes together, which, in addition to contributing to serious pain, do not allow for sweat and odor to be absorbed between the toes!

Serasox combines the uniquely pro functional benefits of toe socks, with the superiority of bamboo material! By combining superior design and superior material, Serasox can help with foot issues while simultaneously wicking away moisture and sweat between the toes better than cotton or wool! And importantly, Serasox are made from real bamboo chips, not bamboo viscose!

Serasox begin as bamboo chips from real bamboo wood, not bamboo viscose like most bamboo products. The chips are then steamed, crushed, and decomposed, and the resulting bamboo fibers are combined with a natural enzyme solution to create carding fibers. These are then spun into yarn and woven as bamboo fabric! Real bamboo has superior air permeability, instantaneous water absorption, and natural antibacterial properties. Serasox are made from 85% real bamboo and 15% Lycra to allow for some stretching.

Join the movement for better foot health without sacrificing comfort today at serasox.com!