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Serasox Model 1 No-Show Barefoot Socks

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Serasox Model 1 No-Show Barefoot Socks

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Whether you’re lounging on the sofa or going on an outdoor expedition, these environmentally friendly barefoot socks will keep your feet sheltered yet comfortable. Socks with separated toes allow your feet to spread out naturally, decreasing cramping and odor caused by crowded toes. Additionally, this hypoallergenic material is gentle on every skin type and is absorbent, keeping your feet warm and dry so that sweat, moisture, and blisters don't leave you suffering.

Our bamboo no-show socks go the extra mile with their sleek design. This low cut design remains unseen with nearly any shoe. Pair them with various shoe styles to get that chic, sockless look without the painful rubbing and blisters. You also won’t have to worry about our barefoot socks sliding off your feet, as there is a non-slip grip on the heel.

The biggest innovation in socks ever

Less odor

Five fingers design keeps bacteria from building up between toes

More comfort

Designed for those who want less odor, more comfort, and care about our planet. Basically, it's the biggest innovation socks ever

Good for the planet

Environmentally friendly bamboo material + tree planted for each purchase

Benefits of bamboo

Our unique combination of five finger socks plus bamboo material for our no show and ankle height socks means more moisture is absorbed versus even the finest organic cottton. The result is a dry and comfortable design that keeps your feet snugged while feeling barefoot!

Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Barefoot Socks

Bamboo is an eco-friendly plant that pulls more carbon dioxide out of the air than other trees and requires little water to grow. It’s also biodegradable, leaving hardly any trace behind.

In addition to the environmental perks of using bamboo, Serasox wants to do more to help the planet. We vow to plant a tree with every purchase you make, which means that with every pair of bamboo no-show socks you buy, you’ll be helping to replenish the earth and reduce your carbon footprint!

Patent Pending Five Finger Design

Less odor thanks to our one of a kind five finger design and bamboo material combo.

  • Less Odor

  • Eliminate Friction And Blisters

  • Patented Design and Bamboo Material

  • Proper Alignment And Functionality

Socks Made for You

Socks with separated toes make gripping the floor, walking, or running easier. Your toes are supposed to help you function, so it makes sense to keep them apart rather than putting them into a single cocoon. The woven arch support and extra padding add a layer of comfort to help you stand up straight.

Are you looking for taller barefoot socks? If so, check out our selection. If you have questions or comments for our team, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to help.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brian Tech
Toe socks

Fit like glove comfortable

Wendy Ball
5 happy toes

These are wonderful sox, making my toes happy in my minimalist barefoot shoes, also perfect for wearing with my flip flops!  I’ll be buying more for sure.

Samantha Aron
Great socks!

These socks are so comfortable and lightweight. I have trouble with corns on a couple toes and toe socks solve the problem of my toes running against each other. Highly recommend!


Didn't disappoint super comfy best Sox ever will be buying more

Patty Cash

serasox model 1