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Serasox Model 2 Ankle Socks that Separate the Toes

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Serasox Model 2 Ankle Socks that Separate the Toes

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If you’re tired of your feet hurting or cramping, try wearing socks that separate your toes, allowing them to rest in their natural positions. These socks, made from bamboo, are designed to feel weightless while protecting your feet from the outside elements. Avoid painful blisters by wearing our ankle toe socks before slipping your feet into your shoes.

These socks can be worn for everyday wear or for extraneous sporting activity, enabling you to perform your best by keeping your toes properly aligned and separated. The arch support and extra padding are sure to make every step comfortable, whether you’re playing sports, spending time outdoors, or running errands. The durable bamboo material keeps these socks snug on your feet, and its breathability puts a damper on sweat! The super-absorbent fabric works to keep your feet moisture-free to prevent odor and fungal infections.

The biggest innovation in socks ever

Less odor

Five fingers design keeps bacteria from building up between toes

More comfort

Designed for those who want less odor, more comfort, and care about our planet. Basically, it's the biggest innovtionin socks ever

Good for the planet

Environmentally friendly bamboo material + tree planted for each purchase

Benefits of bamboo

Our unique combination of five finger socks plus bamboo material for our no show and ankle height socks means more moisture is absorbed versus even the finest organic cottton. The result is a dry and comfortable design that keeps your feet snugged while feeling barefoot!

Perks of Purchasing Bamboo Socks

At Serasox, we use bamboo to produce socks that separate toes. This eco-friendly material is hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of skin irritation. It’s also soft against the skin, so if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, socks made from bamboo may be the answer to your problem.

Best of all, for every pair of ankle toe socks you purchase, we’ll plant a tree somewhere across the globe. More trees mean cleaner air for everyone and additional homes for plants and animals alike.

Patent Pending Five Finger Design

Less odor thanks to our one of a kind five finger design and bamboo material combo.

  • Less Odor

  • Eliminate Friction And Blisters

  • Patented Design and Bamboo Material

  • Proper Alignment And Functionality

Unique Style 

Thanks to our patent-pending design, our socks that separate the toes have a superior quality unlike any other. By purchasing a pair, you’re not only saving your feet; you’re also saving the planet one sock at a time! 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products. Feel secure in your purchase with our 30-day return policy. If you’re ready for comfort and relief, choose Serasox.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Comfortable but tough!

These socks are very durable and remain comfortably soft after numerous washes, plus avoid bad odors. I love that they stay in place as well.

Julia K.
Lightweight and soft

Serasox are lightweight and the fabric is extremely soft, love that they come with a textured grip in the heel so they don’t budge all day. These Sox are the epitome of comfort and functionality. Highly recommend!

Cool socks

I received these as a gift and was impressed by their innovative design! The bamboo fabric seems really breathable and the socks are cute. I can’t wait to wear them out and about.

LeAnn Bowden
First time buyer model 2 and 3

I'm trying them all out after issues wearing socks after foot surgery 2 years ago. I like both models. Does everything they claim. I've bought more of models 1 and 2 as they are working better for my surgery foot

BEST socks on the market!!

By far the best socks you’ll ever buy! Extremely comfortable, durable, clean, and versatile! Pair them up with hiking shoes, tennis shoes, or dress shoes and save yourself the hassle of buying different socks for every occasion! And the five finger design and arch support make these a no-brainer! Get these for yourself or anyone on your list this holiday season. They’re bound to impress!