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Serasox Model 3 Crew Cut Sweat Absorbing Socks

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Serasox Model 3 Crew Cut Sweat Absorbing Socks

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Whether you’re spending time outdoors or going about a normal day with work and errands, keep your feet warm and dry with a pair of five-finger crew cut socks. The soft bamboo material cushions every step you take while absorbing moisture. Wearing sweat-absorbing socks helps your feet feel fresh all day. As seen on NBC, our patent-pending design combines functionality with comfort to create the perfect fit for star athletes and the average person alike.

The five-finger design keeps your toes apart, allowing your foot to better function as nature intended and helps keep your feet dry. The drier you keep your feet, the less chance you’ll have of developing fungal infections or odor-causing bacteria. These socks with toes on them keep each toe separate, allowing your feet to spread out naturally while reducing blister-causing friction. Additionally, properly aligned toes aid in balance and stability.

The biggest innovation in socks ever

Less odor

Five fingers design keeps bacteria from building up between toes

More comfort

Designed for those who want less odor, more comfort, and care about our planet. Basically, it's the biggest innovtionin socks ever

Good for the planet

Environmentally friendly bamboo material + tree planted for each purchase

Benefits of bamboo

Our unique combination of five finger socks plus bamboo material for our no show and ankle height socks means more moisture is absorbed versus even the finest organic cottton. The result is a dry and comfortable design that keeps your feet snugged while feeling barefoot!

Socks to Save the World

Made from bamboo, these sweat-absorbing socks are an eco-friendly alternative to other popular clothing materials. Bamboo needs very little water to grow and produces more oxygen than trees. It also grows faster than any other plant.

The good news is that with each pair of crew toe socks you buy, we’ll plant a tree. You’ll have a hand (or foot) in helping restore earth’s beauty one sock at a time! These socks with toes on them are soft yet resiliently strong, so you won’t want to stop at just one pair.

Patent Pending Five Finger Design

Less odor thanks to our one of a kind five finger design and bamboo material combo.

  • Less Odor

  • Eliminate Friction And Blisters

  • Patented Design and Bamboo Material

  • Proper Alignment And Functionality

Fit for Anyone

Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin, as our crew cut sweat-absorbing socks are perfect for any skin type. Bamboo fabric is soft and smooth, so it’s unlikely to cause irritation. It also has its own temperature control, keeping your feet warm in chilly weather and cool during those hotter days.

If you have questions, please message our team. Otherwise, if you’re ready for arch support and overall comfort, get your sox today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Barbara Murphy
Love these socks!

Serasox are made in the USA and work better than Injinji, in my opinion. Sturdy, beautiful and supportive.

Rebecca Busby

I’m getting more! Love them.

J. L.
Love these toe sox

I bought these for my son who often complains of sweat & blisters from running at P.E. class. These toe socks have solved the problem for him! Plus, he says they are way warmer on those cold mornings waiting for the bus. Will definitely buy more.

Lynne Bass
Ok socks

I love the bamboo but the fit isn’t the greatest

hi Lynne! We're so sorry to hear you didn't love your serasox. We sent you a private message as we want to replace your size or offer a full refund--whichever you prefer!

Anuj Shah
Best socks for hikes I’ve ever used!

Great socks for hikes. Trail was muddy but feet remained dry the whole time. Kept them on the whole day after too. Really like the bamboo material on my feet and how natural the toe socks feel as well. Very plush and comfortable and arch support is great.